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Demonstration: From the Watercolor/Gouache Sketch to the Studio Oil Painting

Thursday, April 25th, 12 - 1pm

Plein Air Convention and Expo

San Francisco, CA

Scott will demonstrate and discuss his process of working from small watercolor and gouache sketches to developing larger oil paintings in the studio. A special emphasis will be put on developing color strategies when moving from sketches to more completed works.

Open and free for attendees of the Plein Air Convention.




April 27th, 2019

11 am + 2:30 pm

Lenz Arts

Santa Cruz, CA

This lecture demonstration explores the evolution of painters’ most important tool: COLOR. What aspects of colors do painters consider when selecting a palette to express their artistic vision? I’ll bring my experience as Product Manager of Gamblin Artists Colors to explore my color choices in my own painting and share what tools painters can use to develop their own unique color voice.

** Please register with Lenz Arts for this event!


Demonstration: Painting Skies

Sunday, May 12th, 2019, 9 am

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Portland, OR

This lecture and demonstration kicks off the opening of my exhibition of sky paintings in the beautiful interior of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. I’ll be discussing the genesis and continuing evolution of my sky paintings while creating a new painting in real time.

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Color in Plein Air

June 22 - 23, 2019

Art Association of Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, WY

Experience the grandness of the Tetons through Plein Air Painting!

This 2-day workshop dives into the spirit of plein air painting – responding to nature through direct paint application and expressive color. We’ll discuss the importance of developing a personal voice through site selection, composition, values and most of all COLOR!!